Episode 25:
Blog's 1st anniversary:


Old, old fanart from the ancient age of about three months ago.

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Ragyo Kiryuin
Kill la Kill

Cosplay | Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Photo | Sweet Sentation Photography

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She was half-naked while wearing senketsu anyway

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(psst, it’s transparent)

i might sell this as a print or a shirt design later if enough people ask for it :3


I’m finally working on my own piece for the Nudist Beach zine haha

Remember the deadline has been changed to September 14 so there’s still time! GO GO GO

Anonymous asked: The url honnoujigakuen is up for trade by the owner, so maybe you if you're lucky you could trade with them and get the url. :-)

Personally, I like this one better. Thanks for the heads up!

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eccentricxarzeus answered your post: ★ 1st anniversary preparations ★

Maybe you could add more updating anime to the blog like Akame Ga Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, and etc.

Thank you, but this blog is for Kill la Kill only.

★ 1st anniversary preparations ★

Hey everyone!

It’s been almost a year since I decided to start this blog (on Sept 29, to be exact) and so far we have gathered over 10,000 Kill la Kill fans! That’s why I decided to make something special: a blog update based on your opinions.

Now’s your chance to decide the course of this blog, which is for you after all. Please remember that I will need to evaluate your proposals to see if they’re possible to carry out. That being said…

What kind of changes would you like to make to this blog?

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have you guys seen the parody? FREAKIN  HILARIOUS

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I started watching Bully la Bully lately.

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